Timothy Mathany Professional Corporation - "Up to Date, Down to Earth"
A group picture of the staff at Timothy Mathany Professional Corp.Our Team

      Tim is blessed to have one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, approachable, and friendly legal service teams in Chatham-Kent.

Jane Manneke - secretary at Timothy Mathany Professional Corp.    

      Jane Manneke, who handles the majority of the real estate purchases and mortgages, has been working with Tim for 22 years. Jane resides in Wallaceburg and is very highly respected by other legal support personnel, real estate agents, and bank and finance officers. Most importantly, the vast majority of clients who have worked with her have had nothing but praise for Jane's professionalism and assistance throughout their real estate transactions.


Sandra Zavitz - secretary at Timothy Mathany Professional Corp.
      Sandra Zavitz, who just happens to be Jane's sister and who also resides in Wallaceburg, has been employed by Tim for thirteen years. Sandra handles most incoming phone calls, and does overflow wills and power of attorneys. Most of her time, however, is taken up with handling all the drug prosecution files from start to finish. As such, she is in constant contact with various personnel from the police force, as well as court and government services, all of whom often comment on her professional demeanour and incredible personality.  She is also known for her keen sense of humour, which helps when things get stressful.


Phyllis McGowan - secretary at Timothy Mathany Professional Corp.    

      Phyllis McGowan, a Chatham resident, has worked for Tim for four years, but has been a legal assistant for various law firms in Chatham-Kent for nineteen years. Phyllis brings her vast experience, knowledge, and quality of work in the areas of wills, power of attorneys, and estate matters to the office, which has been an invaluable resource. She has an amazing work ethic, and clients have nothing but great things to say about her.


      Tim and his office staff work hard to be approachable and knowledgeable, and to put their clients at ease. The phrase "up to date and down to earth" is not just a tagline, but a goal we strive towards everyday in all our dealings with clients and other service providers.


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